Why these names?

The history behind each Name

Our wines are launched on the market under the name Imperator. Our winery owes its name Imperator to the founding emperor of the Votsas Monastery. The founder of the Votsas Monastery was the Byzantine Emperor Constantine IV Pogonatos, hence the name of the monastery "Panagia Pogoniotissa". As a tribute to the Emperor founder Constantine, we decided to name our wines Imperator.


The word Lacrima means tear in the Vlach dialect, indicating the clarity of the white wine. In the old days, Lacrima was the name given to very good quality wine.

Valia Calda

The wildness and beauty of the "Warm Valley" (Valia Calda) concentrated in a bottle.


The rarity of ruby is mirrored in the world's only rosé produced from 100% Vlachiko variety.

Tsuka Rossia

The purpleness of the wine rivals the uniqueness of the sunset on one of the highest mountains in Greece (Tsuka Rossia).

Lefko apo Kokkino

An alternative approach to the Vlachiko variety. The result? The white color of the wine is derived from the reddish color of the variety.


A unique variety in the world of our vineyard could not but keep its own unique name. And that is none other than "Vlahavona".