A unique rosé



Variety: Vlachiko
Alcohol: 12.5% vol.
Lt: 750ml

Protected Geographical Indication Metsovo


Pale, cherry-red color. Fresh nose, with distinctive aromas of red fruits such as cherry and strawberry, floral blossoms, and white pepper. In the mouth, intense acidity and nerve-refreshing palate. Intense and refreshing mouthfeel, following the character of the nose and extending to the finish. Accompanies summer BBQ meals, seafood, and pasta, as well as all leather dishes. Serve at 10 -12 °C.

The rarity of ruby is mirrored in the world's only rosé produced from 100% Vlachiko variety. 

The only rosé wine vinification in the world from 100% Vlachiko variety.
The Vlachiko variety is a local traditional variety of Epirus.