Our History

Our winery, called IMPERATOR WINERY, is a small monastic winery founded in 2017, located in Metsovo and overlooking the mountains of Pindos. Unfortunately, our winery is not yet open to visitors.

The winery was founded because of our love for good quality wine. However, both the monastery of Voutsa and the monastery of Agios Nikolaos have a long-standing relationship with the vineyard and wine production. The monasteries were famous for producing genuine and quality wines. Written records refer to wine production in 1795, while the handmade barrel in the monastery of Agios Nikolaos cellars was made in 1782, indicating that the monastery was active in wine production from that time onwards.

We are burdened with a history that we cannot do otherwise than to continue this tradition of producing genuine and quality wines.

Our oenologist, Sophocles Petropoulos, who checks the vineyards of the winery with love and passion, studied oenology in Athens, did postgraduate studies in Australia, and holds a Ph. D. from the Agricultural University of Athens. He has worked for over 10 years in Nemea wineries. Since 2014 he has been providing consulting services to wineries in Greece and Lebanon. At the same time, he participates in research projects for the evaluation of unknown Greek varieties and clones. Throughout these years he has been in contact with the best vineyards and the most delicious wines in the world. Learning, therefore, from the best in his field, he puts his knowledge into practice, in order to produce a wine of excellent quality and taste, from our winery that will accompany your every moment. 

"There are four factors that shape the character of the wine and play an important role in its quality. The soil, the climate, the variety of the vine, and finally the human being."