Vlachiko. Local Unique Variety Of Epirus.


It is a variety that comes from the great cold regions of Epirus, i.e. the areas of Epirus that are at high altitude and have very low temperatures. It is the climatic conditions that influence and shape its character, with its low alcohol content and low intensity of colour as its main characteristics. Organoleptically it is a surprise! Its aromas emerge distinctly and smell of forest fruits, spices and green apples. On the palate the tannins are subtle and allow the good acidity to emerge. Wines made exclusively from Vlachiko have started to appear recently and deserve our attention because they are charming, refreshing and are a safe choice even for warm evenings with friends.

This variety, in a strong way, conveys the characteristics of its cold climate in the glass. It is a red grape variety used for the production of dry red wines, which are mainly matured in barrel. Although traditionally blended with other varieties, producers and wine lovers are beginning to appreciate the qualities of wines made exclusively from Vlachiko. For example, our winery, Imperator, is the only winery in Greece that creates rosé wine exclusively from the Vlachiko variety.

Vlahiko gives wines with a bright, though never deep, ruby red colour, with intense and clear aromas on the nose and palate, suggesting cool red forest fruits, sweet spices and green apples. On the palate, alcohol is moderately low, rarely above 12.5%, tannins are subtle and fine-grained, and acidity is high. Vlahiko is grown in Epirus, very close to the border with Albania, in the prefecture of Ioannina, but smaller areas of vineyards are found in the prefectures of Thesprotia and Trikala, generally in areas with high altitude and low temperatures, limited sunshine hours and regular rainfall, elements which intensify its characteristics. For these reasons, Vlachiko is often blended with another local variety, Bekari, which has a deeper colour and a higher alcohol and tannin content. However, some producers are adopting state-of-the-art viticultural methods, creating amazing Vlachiko wines.In conclusion, Vlahiko is a variety for anyone who likes wine but is tired of fat, heavy, personality-less and overly rich red wines. Vlahiko wines are refreshing, charming and delicious, which makes them an excellent choice for a warm summer evening, where they can be consumed cool. They effectively accompany cold dishes and cold meats!