Merlot. A highly acclaimed variety.


One of the most famous and travelled varieties of the world, merlot, could not fail to find its way to Greek soil, and even gain a prominent position, not only by producing numerous single varietal red dry wines, but also by participating in blends of many Greek wines. There, merlot takes on the task of softening the hardy character of varieties such as cabernet sauvignon or xinomavro.

Planted in almost every corner of the mainland and part of the islands-with most of it found in central Macedonia, central Greece and the Peloponnese-merlot makes no secret of its preference for heavy, clay soils and the moisture they hold. As we descend further south in the country, merlot takes on a more robust character, as is the case when winemakers opt for more "vin de garde" winemaking methods, applying longer extractions and aging in new, fine wood barrels. In no way, however, does the variety lose its modern, cosmopolitan profile.

In Greece, merlot is expressed with aromas of black ripe fruit, along with sweet balsamic notes, as well as a soft, easily digestible taste. Its fleshy, bittersweet presence guarantees fun and joy, charming oenophiles and anyone who tastes Greek wine from or to. Exuberant, direct and extroverted, Greek merlot ideally expresses the new face of Greek wine, winning a place in the heart of every new wine lover with the first sip. But while expressing the uniqueness of the Greek vineyards, it also offers a new perspective on the variety, of interest to discerning connoisseurs of the world's vineyards.

At our winery, we combine the hardy character of Cabernet Sauvignon with that of Merlot. The result? Unique! You can, of course, see it for yourself from the very first sip by tasting our winery's flagship wine. The famous Imperator Valia Calda.